Monday, 9 November 2015

oral presentation reflection

A good and effective presentation is basically being able to compose yourself and make the audience feel engaged to your presentation. This is done even before a presentation which is the preparation. You need to get your content simple and informative as much as possible. Once you start presenting, you need to make sure that you get the first 2 to 3 minutes engaged with the audience. This can be done by story-telling or some trivial facts to fascinate the audience. You need to be clear and your voice projected well for everyone to  hear you.

I felt rather nervous for my presentation. I managed to calm myself down during my presentation but I felt that I did not deliver a good presentation. From the peer feedback, I agree with the comments given such as moving too much and not being loud enough. Honestly, I tried to project my voice as loud as possible but it seems that my voice is just naturally soft. I also felt that I could make eye contact more often than looking at the slides. I felt that maybe my nerves got the better of me that day and could not deliver the way I wanted but I managed to compose myself and did not make it too obvious to the audience. However, I felt that I gave a good explanation of the Car-Sharing procedure by giving a scenario so that the audience can understand from my point of view.

All in all, our group took a lot of time to meet and came out with the presentation together. Everyone contributed to every aspect of the content and we suggested or scrutinized each other so that we could deliver a smooth presentation during the preparation phase. Luckily, with this module, I am able to recall those times I presented during my polytechnic days and improve my communication skills in the future.

Edited on (3/12/15)


  1. Hi Mubin, it is common to be nervous. Although you did not feel satisfied in your presentation, at least you are mentally prepared for it. It is not easy to be a good presenter in a short amount of time, however I believe with effort you will definitely improve.

  2. Hi Mubin,

    I think that you have a smooth calming voice when you present which I like. As i was sitting in front i could understand clearly what you are presenting. When one is nervous, we tend to fidget more than often. Perhaps by practicing a few more times will help you to be more confident and reduce the problem of fidgeting. Looking forward to your future presentation!:D

  3. Hi Mubin,

    I feel that the tone of your voice is just right as i could hear you clearly from the side of the class. I feel that you can engage the audience more by providing more eye contacts and improved on some of the hand gestures. I can understand that you are nervous when presenting but with more practice, you will surely overcome the nervousness.