Friday, 13 November 2015

the most influential person in my life

Most people will say that their mother is the most influential person in their lives. Well, I’m going with my father. Of course, my mother is a housewife and being a housewife is very tiring. You need to do chores everyday non-stop and I can see it from my mother’s face all the time. It’s really hard work and my mother somehow has a lot of willpower to carry that kind of workload every day and I really respect her work ethic.
Having said that, I also respect my father. Interestingly, my father is the opposite of my mother. He was a man of few words and a strict disciplinarian. He was also a smart guy and I can relate many things that he did that showed his intelligence but I’m just going to leave it at that. Actually, I learnt a lot more from my father than my mother as he is a male member of the family and easier to relate to as I am also a male family member.
My father believed that you should be honest with yourself and know what is right and wrong especially in making decisions. I learnt to be prudent in my judgement from him so that things can run smoothly. Also, he taught me to never make things hard for people just as you don’t want people to make things hard for you. He was an intimidating person and even most of my siblings and relatives were shy to talk to him unless they knew him for a long time for example, his own siblings. Even though he had all this characteristics, at times he showed his sense of humour.
Like all human beings, he had a bad side. Being a strict disciplinarian, he could at times be too stubborn and preferred to do things his way but his determination was apparent. I don’t believe that you should be too strict all the time but to let loose sometimes depending on the situation. I learnt to instil his positive character into my life and hope to influence others as well.


  1. Hi Mubin, I am glad to see that you have chosen your father as an influential person. Personally my father was a fierce and stubborn person, and it was hard for me to approach him. I know as a guy we can learn a lot from our dad, however there is very little information about your father in the blog. Additionally, are you influent by your father's stubbornness?

  2. Thank you, Mubin, for sharing with us this detailed tribute to your father. I am especially impressed when you state that " I learnt to be prudent in my judgement from him so that things can run smoothly." That is a very special point indeed, one that shows your dad's wisdom.

    I'm certain that now your father is equally proud of you as you are of him. What a sweet feeling that is!

  3. Hi Mubin,

    Thank you for sharing some information of your dad. He sound like a great man with good charisma and character. I really like that he have a balanced of humor in the mist of being strict.

  4. Hi Mubin,

    I agree with you that all human beings has a bad side and we should try our best to take the positive out of them like what you did of your father. I like your point of not being too strict all the time.

  5. Hey Mubin, now I know where your character genes was from, your dad mostly. :D You're a man of a few words as well, and it does not mean it is not good, it may also mean that you take things seriously and go through serious thoughts on certain issues in your mind. I believe all Dads and Mums have their role to play in making their kids learn as well. Great to hear from what you shared here you are also applying in your life in your own way.