Saturday, 24 October 2015

My proudest moment thus far

My proudest moment so far would be getting my driving license. It may seem normal to most people that getting a license is no big deal but I got it as a driver in the SAF. You see, passing the TP in the SAF is no easy feat. We had to drive an old manual 3-tonner around Kaki Bukit area which is notorious for its traffic.

When I first posted as a driver for the SAF, I felt terrible. I pledged for my entire life that I will never drive a car as I don’t like what I see on the road every day. Errant drivers and road rage are the main reasons for me not to drive in Singapore but since I was in it, might as well take it.
I started off as the worst among the 4 pupils under my instructor. My buddy was my platoon mate so that was very calming as I have someone who I knew better. He told me that he too wasn’t good at driving but he needed my support as much as I needed his. I told myself that if I were to give up, I would have let him down really bad. So, I endured the whole duration of the driving course for him and also because if we were to fail, we would have to come back for remedial training and that was the most irritating part of the course since I live far from the camp. I told myself that I have to pass on my first try as I have no choice if I don’t one to come for remedial training every weekend.
I took every training seriously. Even though there were a few mistakes, I learnt from them to improve myself. As time passed, I noticed my sharp improvement from the day that I first drove in the circuit. A week prior to my test, I felt an overwhelming confidence that I can pass my test that even my instructor praised me and noted my stark improvement from day one. He expected me to pass on the first try as he believed that I could. My buddy was also amazed at how I had improved since day one and wished me the best of luck for my test.
On the morning of the test, I was nervous but confident. Luckily, I was pitted with the most lenient tester in that camp. That even boosted my confidence and I carried on with the test. It was peak hour morning and traffic was quite bad but manageable. After half an hour, I returned, parked my vehicle and the tester asked me some questions before telling me to drive safely.
As I head back to the meeting point, the test conductor saw me and he shouted out, “Congratulations, you passed!” My eyes widened as he had confirmed my hunch. I knew I passed but not a good passed though. His words sank deep into my head and I shook his hands in excitement. I never thought that I would pass the test as I was at one time the worst performer. My buddy was jubilant for me and my instructor was also very happy for my accomplishment. They knew my struggles before and to see me pass was heart-warming. I will never forget that day for my whole life.


  1. Thanks very much for sharing this, Mubin. I really like your detailed description of your experience preparing for and passing the test. This is informative and entertaining. The clear description makes it easy for us to imagine your joy in passing the test. Congrats once again!

  2. Hi Mubin!

    Congratulations for passing the test!! I like your determination of not giving up when you feel like. Cheers to your buddy for motivating you:D