Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Summary Draft 2

In the article "Why the climate fight needs engineers", Shah (2015) suggests the need for engineering leaders with technical skills to help combat climate change in the region as cities struggles with rapid urbanisation thus becoming susceptible to climate change. Also, he agrees with Khew, Deputy President of IES, who believes the urgent demand for "sustainable engineering solutions" will help achieve an eco-friendly economy with the opportunities given to engineers to find sustainable solutions and creating a resilient infrastructure system.

Edited (17/10/15)


  1. Hi Mubin, I think that you have forgotten to mention the title of the article in your summary.Overall, I feel that you summarized the article very well as you included most of the main points from the article.

  2. Hi Mubin, I didn't mention programmes launched by organisations to enhance Engineers skills as I feel that the article is focusing more on why engineers are needed to fight climate changes. I think you should further elaborate more on the main point of the summary. My partner and I refer to the article title as the summary question.

  3. Hi Mubin, the summary was easy to read and understand. However, the article mention on how sustainable engineering solutions will help to achieve an eco-friendly system globally and not just within Asia-Pacific.